1. Banking and Finance (Corporate and Sharia): LHRP Law Office provides and assists companies or banks in engaging business transactions between companies and banks or non-bank financial institutions in order to seek sources of funding for the purpose of business development, whether for working capital purposes or investation. Our Lawyers also provide assistance for companies in the need of large-scale funding that requires skim syndicated loan by two or more banks. We also provide assistance for clients with experience of non-performing loan by carry out loan restructuring with the creditors through several skim alternatives that is compatible with the conditions and plans of the company, novation of loan, and so on. In addition of funding by bank and conventional financial institution, our lawyers also experienced in assisting clients for funding or cooperation with sharia bank or sharia finance, such asmurahabah, mudhorabah, musyarakah, and so on.

  2. Corporate Commercials: LHRP provides and assists the clients in engaging Legal Due Dilligence, legal opinion, and to set up agreements with the third party, and other legal aspects necessary for the companies that plan to carry out private placement or require new investors to develop their business, or to perform corporate actions such as merger, acquisition, and consolidation. Our Lawyers will also help the companies in carry out joint venture to establish a company, set up a consortium in handling a project. In addition, our Lawyers also will assist the clients who wish to carry out business cooperation with the third party by providing legal advice for the agreements that will be signed by the clients, consequently reinforce legal position of the clients. 

  3. Information and Telecommunication: LHRP provides advices  in every stages of information telecommunication development, as well as to provide the clients with the deals involving information and telecommunication such as documenting and negotiation. We also provide the clients with services relating to performing business on information and telecommunication sector, such as preparing agreements for support and development of IT  and undertake the license to perform the information and telecommunication business of the clients.

  4. Aviation: At LHRP, our expansive knowledge of the aviation industry allows us to provide the best advice for any aviation-related legal issue. We also provide the clients with aviation-related services in performing business in aviation industry, such as concluding and review of agreement, handling administration, licenses and legal due diligence matters, also to prepare documents related to the aviation business of the clients.

  5. Outsourcing: Employment issues have become increasingly important and gaining attention from the Indonesian government, entrepreneur and employee in recent years. LHRP is experienced in providing assistance for the clients to generate strategy in outsourcing business, as well as to provide services such as set up an outsourcing company, generate business process for the outsourcing company, conclude a cooperation agreement in the field of outsourcing, undertake the cases related to outsourcing employee and assisting the outsourcing company in solving the legal issue of employment in term of outsourcing field.

  6. Labour and Employment: Employment Law in Indonesia is a complex system by nature. However, LHRP possess experiences and capability in providing legal advice and to prepare documents related to employment issues, such as legal opinion making, Employment Contract preparation, conclusion of Company Regulation, Collective Labour Agreement, policies and procedures according to each business necessities in the field of employment. We also provide advices regarding the requirements and procedures to perform employment termination according to the prevailing regulations, including carry out calculation of compensation for the discharged employee. LHRP is also experienced in carry out industrial relation dispute settlement process, starting from the process of bipartite, mediation at Regional Office of Manpower and Transmigration Department, and other settlement process outside the Industrial Relation Court.

  7. Employment Litigation: LHRP will assist the client from companies or employees in carry out industrial relation dispute settlement, especially in providing assistance for the disputed clients in the Industrial Relations Court until the appeal process in the Supreme Court.


  1. Legal training (Professional Training);
  2. Legal seminar;
  3. Company set up/establishment and regulation/licensing;
  4. Legal Audit & Legal Due Diligence ;
  5. Providing assistance service as needed to every client companies of LHRP Law Office in order to undertake legal corporate actions with the third parties or regarding negotiation with the company’s counterparty;
  6. Assisting and/or representing legal interest of the company in addressing criminal legal case. The assistance applied from the first level of investigation by police, prosecutor, up to trial level in the court, as well as to appeal level, and other higher level of the trial;
  7. Assisting and representing legal interest of the company regarding with the private legal issues, either inside or outside the court;
  8. In regards with the legal issues that the client companies encounter, in which those issues continue to a further legal process, accordingly for the settlement there must be a technical discussion beforehand and the dispute settlement mechanism shall be written in a separated agreement.